Custom designed therapies to assist you in managing current needs. All our therapies are truly organic and deeply nourishing to all levels of the body, mind and spirit. These packages allow you to witness exceptional results and give yourself the care you desire!


Radiant You (120 minutes)

A combination of ancient therapies to have you feeling refreshed!

The Ayurvedic Facial is a luxurious experience bringing the radiance up to the cellular level with quality products that enliven the tissue, promote elasticity and balancing to your complexion. A combination of raw silk exfoliation to the back, face, hands and feet scrubs away impurities and dead skin cells to allow for a greater absorption of the products to follow. The entire back is cleansed and steamed, the hands and feet cleansed and the face cleansed, steamed and organic mudmask applied to pull out deeper impurities from the tissue. Exotic oil blends are applied to the face leaving you glowing and pampered. As the oils are ingesting into the tissue, you can relax and receive 30 minutes Reflexology to pamper those tired feet. As a completion, Kansa Wand therapy (wrinkle therapy) is applied to the marma points (junctions) on the face to minimize wrinkles and relax the muscles creating the patterns of holding within the complexion.

Schedule your appointment to feel your best for a social event, to assist in seasonal changes or for that special lift at anytime!

Complete package only $139 + HST!

DeStress and Reset (120 minutes)

In this often chaotic world it can be challenging to keep yourself feeling balanced. Or at any time when we feel overwhelmed and in need of a recharge.  A combination of therapies to give you a well rounded approach to healing and balancing your nervous system. You will receive sound therapy to bring your frequency into balance and away from that stressful fight or flight state, Reiki and energy medicines to amplify your body’s energy fields and meditation/breathing techniques shared so that you have tools to navigate through the waters going forward. Some gentle yoga postures may be suggested and explored for rinsing the tensions from the muscles based upon your needs. The result leaves you feeling nourished, grounded and balanced.  It is recommended to book this in late afternoon or at a time when you can have the schedule cleared away to better digest the results.

Complete package only $119 + HST!

Detoxify and Cleanse (90 minutes x3)

This signature therapy is beautiful to be experienced anytime you need to shift and lighten up the tissues of the body, and particularly beneficial and supportive in conjunction with a dietary or lifestyle change. 3 beautiful sessions of exfoliation of entire body to lift the skin, promote circulation and destagnate the tissue. The raw silk exfoliation works at warming the lymphatic tissue and preparing the cells for easier release of built up toxins. Following the exfoliation you will receive the Ayurvedic massage which is done with organic warmed oils applied in sequence to the body in choreographed strokes to work in rhythm with the body’s intelligence. This ancient therapy was initially reserved for the royalty in the tradition but has since been opened and available to all. To maximize the results this bundle encompasses 3 – 90 minute sessions to be booked within a week span (recommended) so the detoxification of the tissues can be released in layers and to offer a deeper transformation to body, mind and spirit.

Complete package only $279 + HST!




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